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NOTICE TO MARINERS: RE; the 200 new free Moorings in Ao Chalong, some of these mooring lines have chafed through & a couple of others have had the knots undo resulting in the the yachts on them suffering damage through drifting collisions, it is recomended that you dive and check the condition of the line and ensure the mooring block is upright before you leave the boat,  The condition of use is ” use at your own risk ” no recourse from owners Phuket Marine Department. The harbour master is aware of the problem and intends to rectafy it ASAP, The  PCYC will keep you updated of the progress. To see photos of the moorings being layed, the knots, and head gear click on the link to our Facebook page. If you would like to get our updates via Facebook, then once on our page click the LIKE sign it is a box on the right hand side upper on our main page with a thumb next to the word LIKE it will then change to LIKED once being clicked on, and you are now in our info loop