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Yachtmaster, Powerboat & VHF Marine Radio Training & Assessment Facility





COASTAL YACHTMASTERS CERTIFICATE up to 30 meters & 200 miles offshore


Its a very simple process, download our logbook fill in your history at sea  & email it back to us, our maritime assessors will review your log book and advise you which level of certificate you qualify for. ALL FOR NO CHARGE.

AYS Logbook


Our Seamanship training & assessment facility follows the Asian Yachting Syllabus its internationally accredited with ISSA,(International Sailing School Association) It was developed over 20 years ago by Capt Marty R Rijkuris  whos now based in Port Dickson is also the MD & founder of Asian Yachting Company & creator of AYGP Asian Yachting Grand Prix an ongoing and sought after award for top race yacht on the annual circuit

If you are already an experienced yachtsman then our Journeyman’s Yachtmaster option is tailor-made for you. Get your Yachtmaster’s ticket by downloading our  AYS Logbook fill it in with all your sea time and experiences then send it all to us here at PCYC to be assessed by our AYS team of assessors. Please note that you will also need a VHF radio operators license or equivalent (see VHF courses below). Get your Yachtmasters Certificate for a fraction of the cost.

Our Instructors

Are all overqualified for the job with over 100,00 ocean miles in a variety of vessels and over a lifetime have encountered all the sea has to offer, They know to teach and are happy to part with a lifetime of  seamanship knowledge on to you, WE DO NOT EMPLOY INTERNS TO “TEACH”

 Journeyman’s Option for International Bareboat Captain’s Certificate

You have owned the boats, done the miles and have the skills , and now it makes more sense to tour the worlds destinations of paridise in a bareboat, these days it takes a minium of a  Bareboat/day captains captains certificate to rent one, Our International Bareboat/day captains certificate will get you behind the helm and get you & your friends on the water, if its been a while since you last put to sea ,a couple of hot tips from us will ensure a fun safe trip & that you get your deposit back. Download our log book and lets make it happen!!! AYS Logbook, Fill in you history of your  times at sea, & get it back to us along with any supporting documents or certificates, eg. VHF radio operators ticket ,first aid , pilots licence ect it all helps with the assessment.

If you feel that a bit more brushing up might be useful your INTERNATIONAL BAREBOAT CAPTAINS TICKET  training can also be done at our waterfront training facility on Chalong Bay and aboard one of our yachts over a five day course. With our course completed you will be handling your bareboat like a pro, bringing the boat back in in good condition = full return of your deposit & a respect for your seamanship skills.


1) International Bareboat Day Captain’s Certificate

Heres a good option to become a qualifyed B/B captain while you and your friends cruise around beautiful Phuket waterways

Learn the ropes & get behind the helm of your own bareboat ,captain.

This is a 5 day course with a few extra options allowing you to book a charter yacht in Phuket with one of our qualified instructor/captain  accompanying you to conduct the course as you island hop in paradise. When you pass the competency assessment you will be awarded your International Bareboat Captains Certificate on the spot. Our instructor will then leave you to let you continue your adventures with you in command. With your newly earned certificate you are ready to set sail in a bareboat up to 15.2 meters (50 ft) anywhere in the world. You’ll get a sailing holiday AND a new qualification at the same time.

 RIB Pro Course

This Course is gear up for the superyacht industry or for those who want to handle a RIB professionally.

If the superyacht industry is going to be your chosen career than a foot in the door is credible training, one of the best positions on a superyacht is RIB captain while the others are polishing stainless steel in the sun you will be cruising around & taking care of the RIB & fast tracking your way up to the command bridge.

Our powerboat course is designed to get you through to the final cut when applying for highly competitive super yacht crew positions.
This course will focus on advanced RIB handling skills. We assume that you have a basic power boat operator’s license & skills.
You should also have a VHF radio operator’s licence, which can be done in house here .
To the untrained eye a Superyacht RIB/tender looks like a fun toy that would be  easy to handle. In reality, they are expensive pieces of equipment, vital to the operation of a superyacht. These RIB’s can cost in excess of  $ 100,000. usd & requires a high level of skill to competently operate, Damaging such a “toy” because you don’t possess the necessary skills will seriously shorten your career!

Our AYS RIB Pro Course consists of classroom theory and plenty of time on the water  hands-on practical skills training. We at PCYC are an internationally accredited seamanship training facility. In order to obtain your RIB Pro Certificate course you will need be assessed as competent in theory and practice by our experienced training team.
Some subjects covered are: Towing and tugging operations, guest beach drop off /pick up in flat water & heavy surf conditions, all aspects of engine operations a , working in the shallows, Anchoring & other uses of anchors, operating after dark, get to know & the most from your onboard electronics, emergency starting procedure, fuel management, limitations of RIB’s,  longterm storage, emergency tube repair, understanding propeller torque, pre trip prep, rope work, salvage techniques,  RIB captain’s responsibilitys & procedures.

VHF Marine Radio Operators Certificate Courses

PCYC offer a VHF marine 2 way radio international certificate course . It will be conducted over 1 full day the course includes theory & practical with an multiple choice exam at the end of the day, we will forward candidates an introduction video to watch the night before to bring you up to speed for the course, At the end of the day you will leave with your photo ID SROCP certification  card and will be added to the international register . During the day you will have access to our 25 watt  & hand held VHF radios for practical use.    The cost is 6900 baht (minimum of 2 students) which includes morning tea ,lunch coffee & tea throughout  the day, The AMC international Marine VHF operators handbook, Certification ID card, and a good working sense of VHF  radios which is an essential part of bareboat charters & circumnavigators alike. Transmit with confidence & sound like a pro, sign up today

At sea, be confident – be respected!

                            Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Founder