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INDO SURFERS: NOTICE Syndacate own your own surf – dive yacht ,

North Sumatra, the Banyak Islands, Nias, Asu, Bawa, the Telos and the Mentawai Islands Indonesia surf all of the above with your mates on your own boat

Keep your boat in Phuket or Tax Free Langkawi free of charge

Phuket has , cheap direct flights from round the world,

Phuket has first world amenities & service across the board run by a user friendly 3rd world Government

Phuket is a 2 day sail from Sumatra on the way you pass the tax free island of Langwawi, Diesel 70 cents per liter, beer $8 a box of 24. ect,

Set up the syndicate that professionally manages your boat, allows shares to be sold and bought

Phuket Marine Oracle has low priced high volume boats that are well maintained and ready to go adventuring


$79 000.usd 4 cabin 63ft sleeps 10-12 pax ,that’s 10 mates pooling only $7,900 each

For a surprisingly small cost have your yacht professionally managed, serviced up ready to go

Contact us and find out what we have in stock