Taco Tuesday


Its a celebration of life every Tuesday

Its a time for PCYC to give

It kicks off round sunset every TUESDAY




PCYCs serves delicious home made Tacos, beef ,chicken, fish or vego , soft or hard shell they come with jalapeños, salsa & fresh sour cream, on time delivery with a smile for only 39 baht.

Nachos supreme, beef chicken, fish or vego, personal serve 69 baht  or the full plate 179 baht serves 3 to 4 people, we,re tolds they are also delicious.

PCYC has created  & fine tuned BEER LOTTO , every one that turns up for Taco Tuesday is automatically entered into BEER LOTTO.

Every 20 minuets from 7pm on we  have a BEER LOTTO draw , a barrel girl is selected & the draw is under way, its loose structure is 1 draw for every 15  in attendance so its generally 3 draws every 20 mins.

Congrats your a winner , present your self at the bar at your leisure announce to the girls ,:” Ive just won BEER LOTTO “: & they will give you the drink of your choice free of charge.

We have drinks specials on the night that include Jimmy Buffett endorsed blended MARGARITAS made from scratch priced at 2-4-1 that = only 60 baht each, Rum also only 60 baht, Gin, the same only 60 baht.


Be entertained; When Rick “Mojo”  is in the anchorage , hes running the sound system,  he will ask you for your all time favorite song then  its added to his play list, you wont be forgotten

My addition to the nights entertainment is “my favorite POLKA”  our German buddys cringe &  get embarrassed , Rick & I take cover behind the chicken wire.  If you love a dam fine POLKA this is for you, if you don’t never mind its all over in about 3 mins


As the night progresses the dancing gets underway & the BEER LOTTO keeps time.

If its your birthday you are considering having a party TACO TUESDAY should be your first choice, we can also arrange live bands to perform on our waterfront stage .