Yachtmaster And Powerboat Training Facility

Our Seamanship training facility is the Asian Yachting Syllabus its internationally accredited with ISSA,( International Sailing School Association ) It was developed over 20 years ago by Capt Marty Rijkuris  whos now based in Port Dickson

If you are already an experienced yachtsman then our Journeyman’s Yachtmaster option is tailor-made for you. Get your Yachtmaster’s ticket by downloading our  AYS Logbook fill it in with all your sea time and experiences then send it all to us here at PCYC to be assessed by our AYS team of examiners. Please note that you will also need a VHF radio license or equivalent.

1) International Bareboat Day Captain’s Certificate

Learn the ropes or refresh your skills.

This is a 5 day course with a few extra options allowing you to book a charter yacht in Phuket with one of our qualified instructors  accompanying you to conduct the course as you island hop in paradise. When you pass the competency assessment you will be awarded your International Bareboat Captains Certificate on the spot. Our instructor will then leave you to let you continue your adventures with you in command. With your newly earned certificate you are ready to set sail in a bareboat up to 14 meters (46 ft) anywhere in the world. You’ll get a sailing holiday AND a new qualification at the same time.

2) Journeyman’s Option for International Bareboat Captain’s Certificate

You have done the miles and gained the skills to be an offshore captain but you never got around to get the courses done. Increasingly, insurance companies and local authorities require you to hold the right ticket. We can help.

To become an International Bareboat Certificate holder you can download our AYS Logbook, fill it in with your yachting experience and return it along with any supporting documents for our team to review. If our examiners are satisfied that you qualify you will undergo a one day assessment aboard one of our training yachts to confirm your skills as an International Bareboat Captain. You will be awarded your certificate (and a PCYC T-shirt!) on the day and are ready to set sail in a bareboat up to 14 meters 46 ft anywhere in the world.

If you feel that a bit more brushing up might be useful your INTERNATIONAL BAREBOAT CAPTAINS TICKET  training can also be done at our waterfront training facility on Chalong Bay and aboard one of our yachts over a five day course.

3) RIB Pro Course

Our powerboat course is designed to get you through to the final cut when applying for highly competitive super yacht crew positions.
This course will focus on advanced RIB handling skills. We assume that you have a basic power boat operator’s license and know the essentials.
You should also have a VHF radio operator’s licence, which can be done online.
To the uninitiated a RIB and other power boats look like easy to handle toys. In reality, they are expensive pieces of equipment, vital to the operation of a superyacht. These RIB’s can cost in excess of USD 100,000. Damaging such a “toy” because you don’t possess the necessary skills may seriously shorten your career!

Our AYS RIB Pro Course consists of some basic classroom theory and lots more hands-on practical skills training. We at PCYC are an internationally accredited seamanship training facility. In order to obtain your RIB Pro Certificate course you will be assessed as competent in theory and practice by our experienced training team.
Subjects covered are, among others: Towing and tugging operations, guest beach drop off /pick up in zero light and heavy surf conditions, engine trim and trim tab operations, shallow water driving, emergency starting procedure, fuel management, limitations of RIB’s, RIB longterm storage, emergency tube repair, propeller torque, mixing 2 stroke fuel, pre trip checks, RIB captain’s responsibility, rope work.

Sounds like a lot? Well it is and we’ll get you ready for the tasks ahead!



Check out our Journeyman’s options to qualify you for:

International Bareboat Captains Certificate  AYS Logbook

International Yachtmasters Coastal  AYS Logbook 

International Yachtmasters Offshore  AYS Logbook

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