PCYC Rescue

You know its going to be a long day when the nights partying is over you head back to your yacht to find its not there, you ask around and nothing…. some time during the night a squall has made of with your precious yacht, this happens from time to time

With the wind shifts and tidal influences its a large grid to search,in a local speedboat with limited range.

If you find your self in this awkward position an option is to call the PCYC and get an areal search underway ,we will arrange for you to be taken to the Phuket airfield where a light plane will be waiting to go and locate your boat.

once  your boat is located record the coordinates using the planes GPS and relay them back to the PCYC via mobile phone, we will commission and direct a fast boat to the coordinates and retrieve your boat

In recent times a 47ft  cat named Kilo dragged is anchor at Kata beach the owers had given up on it  when they got word is had reanchored itself in the Indian territory of Andaman Islands it was seized by the Indian navy who informed  them that the boat would be released after the owners payed $60,000 USD

Another owner was not so lucky his yacht was found on a reef destroyed
This used to be a well maintained Privilege 42 Catamaran



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