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Langkawi check in procedure

Langkawi check in procedure

Langkawis assets are well spread around the island and some of its finer points are well worth the effort to find;

If you are concidering storing your boat for a while my choise is Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, firstly as a member of the PCYC you will get a further discount of 20% there are a number of  people taking care of boats in the marina giving vairyed levels of care,,

Secondly ,on December 26 2004 there were a series of waves that totally destroyed the other 2 mariners and many of the boats in them very few boat escaped damage at Telega Harbour and Rebak,, However at RLYC they only suffered 1 broken power cable and a couple of masts came together, call Zack and ask for a quote, for the best deal offer to pay in advance. The quickest check in -check out is at the ferry terminal 200m from RLYC Harbour master is up stairs and customs and immergration on the ground floor. Avoid Fridays as its a holiday and they have a longggg lunch.

At the time of writing Diesel is 1.90 RM at the service station and between 2.80- 3.00RM at the marina pumps. so rent a car and tour the servos they require you to pay in advance

CAR RENTAL, you can get them at the ferry terminal medium size for about 70- 100RM plus a deposite,  I use Muza  call him and he will deliver to the RLYC its about 50-60RM a day, if you carry fuel in his car put newspaper on the carpet please it will come with almost no fuel in it as do all rentals on the island, his phone number is 0194793738. ( this is his correct number as of 18/11/11)

Car rental in Telaga Harbour  at a good price can be aranged by calling Medan on 0175313058

PROVISIONING. there are a number of supermarkets in town all worth a look  I use the Soon Huat wholesaler  supermarket at Matserat near the airport opposite the Petronas service station good prices on wine ,beer and spirits, the ONE STOP just before the wet market in Kuah town have some good products and prices ,in the town square you will find banks money changes and on the third street up is DOMINO RESTAURANT its on the left hand side great western and local food the owner DEE gives PCYC members that show their card 10% discount

If your after marine waterproof Binoculars with range finder and compass, or the most powerful LED headlight you will ever own then go to see Pin at BP heo enterprise his shop is round the corner from maybank in Kuah town center, they also have waterproof bags, good spotlight, magnetic fashion/ health bracelets & and lots of gadgets his phone 0134892829, tell him the PCYC sent you what is your best price, hes a good guy to haggle with, the more u buy the cheaper things get, I always call in to see whats new at  Pins when im in town

Cmap/Max C, Jimmy Tan is your man when you need Cmap or Max C installed on your computer or a new GPS head to run your nav programs Jimmys shop Ease Technology Solution ETS is located on the road out of Kuah town going to Chenang or Telega .. Coming from Telega or Chenang going to town its past the KFC slow down and park when u see Budget hotel and its a few shops further on, he can take care of all of your comp needs mention PCYC and Jimmy will take care of you.

NIGHT LIFE for a night out on the island head to Chenang beach, its the beach behind Rebak island, great sunsets,lots of restraunts from all 4 corners of the world, on the beach opposite the Breakfast bar is BABYLON BEACH BAR, they have a 5-8 man Reggae band that plays every night, good food, its mostly constructed from drift wood, ist a great place to hang out and pick up some paying passangers for your sail back,Call in and introduce your self to Johan,UPDATE..SADLY BABYLON WAS CLOSED DOWN.. just up the beach is the CHILL OUT BAR Gee has live music most nights,,, in the high season I anchor in 2-3m out in front and enjoy life on the beach for a while ,its good holding mud sand bottom


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