121 ft Gaff Rigged Schooner ” SY Sunshine” SOLD

Boat Name
121 ft Gaff Rigged Schooner "SY Sunshine"
1.99 million usd
Country of Registration
British Cayman Islands
Built From
The yacht has four watertight bulkheads, and integral tanks.

All steel edges that are susceptible to chafe are protected with stainless steel, i.e. chain plate bolt holes, hawse pipes, fairleads, deck margins, and bulwarks under the wooden rail.

The centreline Autoprop is driven by a Cummins diesel.

The deck (semi swept) is of solid (over 2” thick) long length quarter sawn teak, probably the last deck of this traditional type that will ever be laid down on a yacht, caulked with cotton and stopped with black rubber. Butt joints are minimal and the planks are fastened from below, with no plugs in the deck.

The spars are all made up from laminated Alaskan Sitka Spruce.

Standing rigging , and bottlescrews are of galvanised steel turned in traditionally.

Sails , most of the wardrobe are Lee Sails from Hong Kong , made from Japanese Dacron.

The interior is comfortable and attractive, made of polished wood it is a craftsman's delight. Solid teak framing and rosewood panelling with mostly leather upholstery.

Due to the integrity of her reproduction, and high aesthetic appeal, Sunshine is accepted by the CIM authorities as a vintage yacht.

Boat Specifics
Built by Myanmar Shipyards in Yangon, to Lloyd's Survey of Steel & Wood.
Two masted gaff rigged Schooner

Sail area : 5,200 sq ft
LOD : 103'
Beam : 18' 6"
Draft : 11'
Designer : William Fife Jun.
Year Launched : 2003
Displacement : 80 Tons
Tonnage : 127.48
Fuel Capacity : 3,000 Ls
Water Capacity : 4,000 Ls
Main Engine : Cummins Diesel 300 hp 6CTA.8.3 - M1
Gearbox : Twin Disc MG 5067
Generator : Onan 17.5 KVA
Electricity : 24v - 12v - 220v
Isolating Transformer for shore power

Year Built
Peter Woods
William Fife Junior Design
Keel Type
Full Classic
121 ft 36.85m LOA 22m waterline
11 ft 3.6 m
5.6 m
Fuel Capacity
3000 liters
Water Capacity
4000 liters
Holding Tank Capacity
x2 x 900 liters
# Heads

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